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So, yeah. This is kinda an update post. There's no need for this blog to be long because everything is mentioned in my latest post/story 'Long time no see'  Just view that and everything will be explained. Thanks. Brooke. :)x

Brookes Blogs: Goodbye

Well, it's been two weeks and I haven't had any comments and only 27 views.
Joke of the week: Why did the cow go to the movie
                              Girl: I don't know, but I want some Moo- shake.
Funny story of the week: Brooke and her friend Eliza were on a faiir ground ride really high up above the whole town centre. Brooke see's black smoke poring out of  a building.
Brooke: Oh no!!! Eliza that buildings on fire!!!
Eliza: It's a factory Brooklyn!!!
Brooke: Oh. ( Bursting with embarsment )

Weather of the week: Well here, it's sunny but it has a really chilly breeze. If there was no breeze it would be lovely. Curse you Breeze!!!

Well thats it, the last ever Brookes Blogs. Thank you for those who always suported us and we're sorry but we just couldn't carry on because it seemed like no-one cared. Ok so, this has been Brookes Blogs.

Brookes Blogs: Week 4

Hello and welcome to this blog!!!!!!
Now my viewing are 35 which is alright but not as good as 260!!!! Keep them coming and the comments. Is something wrong with your comment button cus no-one seems to press it. COME ON!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, sorry that I didn't do this yesturday. I know it's ment to be a Saturday blog and I'm sorry but this week is a Sunday Blog, ok? Good now lets get on with it.
Girl 1: Where is hell?
Girl 2: In hello!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah, that rymes.
Ok thats it sorry it's a bit short but I've got homework now and I can't think of any funny stuff because no-ones been commenting!!!!!! So sorry if the jokes are laim but if you want funny jokes comment. I've said this before and I mean it. Comment or I WILL stop these blogs. If I get no comments this week next week will be the last blog by Brooklyn108.
Goodbye :)

Brook's Blogs Week 3

Hi everyone!!!!
Now sorry that my last post was a little mean I just really need comments. I am really happy though because my views are in the 200's. Oh my gosh thank you so much!!!! Anyways lets get on with the blog.
Joke of the week:
Friend: Well we've got our coats on now lets go out.
Other friend: Sorry but your not really my type.
Friend: I mean go outside!!!
Other friend: Oh right sorry!!!
Teehe. Lol XD.
Funny story of the week:
At Brooklyns school.
Headteacher lighting the candles for the birthday people of the week. He lights the candles and trys to blow out the match but instead blows the candles out whilst the match is still lit!!!!
Hahahahahaahahaahahaahahaahahahaha!!!!! RANDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!
Weather of the week:
Here in England it's rainy, windy and it hailed. We're forcast snow next week now I would like to let out my anger.
( Clear throat ) ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Incase you have not noticed I HATE snow.
I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog and remember to comment about your jokes, funny stories and weather to put on next weeks blog. And keep those views in the 200's or even higher!!!! Thank you and goodnight ( even though it's daytime ) Bye!!!

Brooke's blogs : SORRY!!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh.... I'm so sorry!!!!! I haven't done a blog in ages!!!! I've just had so much homework literally all Saturday and Sunday homework is all I do. Now, it's blog day tomorrow and I promise there will be one. But I'm not sure about the next week because I have a violin exam really soon and I need to practise, so please be patient.
Now, you know last timeI literally BEGGED for comments and I still don't have any. Guys please, I don't know why people don't comment, maybe because they can't be bothered, i don't know. But if no-one can be bothered then there wont be a blog. I'm sorry if I'm sounding harsh but there just wont. I have alot of school work and LOTS of exams in a few months and you are lucky that you get a blog. Seriously people, I do this blog because I want to, something to cheer people up if they've had a bad week at work/school. I just can't think of all these things by myself, you know my life isn't full of comedy that I can include in this blog ok. Also it's lovely to hear what you have been up to. It just makes me feel sad, I do this in my own time because I really care about you and no-one can be bothered to comment. This takes a long time to do and I have lots of homework waiting for me and it just feels like no-one cares about what I do. So spread the word, help me out please and comment. I'm gonna do a blog tomorrow and if I get no comments on that one I'm just going to stop. So if you want blogs COMMENT!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE I'M BEGGING YOU COMMENT!!!!!!!!!! I'm not trying to force you or be mean and I'm sorry if I upset and one but I really need to know people care about the time I spend for you. 
Thanks and I'm sorry if I moaned a bit.
Seeya tomorrow

Brooke's Blogs ( week 2 )

Hey everyone!!!!
It's Saturday which means blog day!!!! Now this week I'm introducing a new topic called.... Weather of the week!!! Now this is where everyone from everywhere comments on what the weather has been like where they live. Now, I live in England but I'm sure not all of you reading this do so it'll be fun to find out what the weathers been like all over the world. So lets get started...

N.0 1 Joke of the week:
Why can't a lepord hide? Because he always gets spotted!!!
N.0 1 Funny story:
Mother, Father and Brooke out walking. Brooke's brother asleep at home.
They come across a huge puddle.
Dad: I'm gonna jump across that puddle!!!
Brooklyn: Well this is gonna be interesting.
Dad: Ok 1...2...3 JUMP!!!!!
As he jumps across the muddle puddle all his money comes flying out of this pocket and into the mud.
And I ( Brooke ) have the wonderful job of picking it all up lucky me.... such fun!
Weather of the week:
Here in England the weather has basically been all over the place. First it was windy then it was sunny then it was raining and then it tarted snowing!!!!! All in one week...... what a interesting mixture!!!!!!
So that's all for this week everyone. Now remember if you have a cool joke or funny story thats appropriat please comment on this blog. I didn't get any last week and it's really hard to think of this all by myself plus I'd really like to here what you guys have been up to. Or even what the weathers been like where you live ( has it been as random as Englands or randomer! ) To comment simply click on the icon that says 0 comments. It might not be 0 comments of you comment, please it would mean the world.
Well seeya next Saturday for another fun packed blog by Brooklyn108.

Brooke's Blogs

Hi everyone and welcome to my first ever weekly Blog!!!!!!!
Now I know I promised I'd do this before new year but I've been really busy so yeah, sorry about that. Anyway so do want some real entertainment?? Well you've come to the right place, so lets get on with it.

 N.0 1 Joke of the week:

Patient: Doctor! Doctor! I think I need glasses!
I think you do, this isn't a doctors, it's a fish and chip shop!
By Jade Louise ( kids fun zone ) Do you have a joke to share? If so comment on this page so Brooklyn can see your joke and put it on next weeks blog.

N.O 1 Funny story of the week:
Brooke and her friends on playground at school trying to think if a handshake for their group.
Kate: I have an idea. On three we'll all jump up in the air ok?
Lily: Cool!!!
( Brooke daydreaming )
Kate: Ok 1..2..3!!!
Kate and Lily jump into the air leaving Brooke on the ground ( cus I was daydreaming so didn't know ) . Lily's hand flew up into the air as she jumped wacking Brooke in the face as she snappes out of her daydream and falls to the ground.
AWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Screamed Brooke in pain.
Lily: Sorry.
Girls laugh and laugh and LAUGH even in class, good thing the teacher didn't see us, ah?!:)
If you have a funny appropriat story that you'd like to share comment this blog so Brooke can see it!!!!!
P.S: It really hurt!!!
So thats all for this weeks blog and remember if there's a joke or story you want to share comment it on this blog.
Bye x

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