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Hi everyone and welcome to my first ever weekly Blog!!!!!!!
Now I know I promised I'd do this before new year but I've been really busy so yeah, sorry about that. Anyway so do want some real entertainment?? Well you've come to the right place, so lets get on with it.

 N.0 1 Joke of the week:

Patient: Doctor! Doctor! I think I need glasses!
I think you do, this isn't a doctors, it's a fish and chip shop!
By Jade Louise ( kids fun zone ) Do you have a joke to share? If so comment on this page so Brooklyn can see your joke and put it on next weeks blog.

N.O 1 Funny story of the week:
Brooke and her friends on playground at school trying to think if a handshake for their group.
Kate: I have an idea. On three we'll all jump up in the air ok?
Lily: Cool!!!
( Brooke daydreaming )
Kate: Ok 1..2..3!!!
Kate and Lily jump into the air leaving Brooke on the ground ( cus I was daydreaming so didn't know ) . Lily's hand flew up into the air as she jumped wacking Brooke in the face as she snappes out of her daydream and falls to the ground.
AWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Screamed Brooke in pain.
Lily: Sorry.
Girls laugh and laugh and LAUGH even in class, good thing the teacher didn't see us, ah?!:)
If you have a funny appropriat story that you'd like to share comment this blog so Brooke can see it!!!!!
P.S: It really hurt!!!
So thats all for this weeks blog and remember if there's a joke or story you want to share comment it on this blog.
Bye x

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Posted on 12:24PM on Feb 3rd, 2013
If you have a joke or funny story to share just comment like I have. Make sure you tune in again next Saturday and you're joke/funny story might be there!!! Remember spread the word about the blog!!!
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