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Hey everyone!!!!
It's Saturday which means blog day!!!! Now this week I'm introducing a new topic called.... Weather of the week!!! Now this is where everyone from everywhere comments on what the weather has been like where they live. Now, I live in England but I'm sure not all of you reading this do so it'll be fun to find out what the weathers been like all over the world. So lets get started...

N.0 1 Joke of the week:
Why can't a lepord hide? Because he always gets spotted!!!
N.0 1 Funny story:
Mother, Father and Brooke out walking. Brooke's brother asleep at home.
They come across a huge puddle.
Dad: I'm gonna jump across that puddle!!!
Brooklyn: Well this is gonna be interesting.
Dad: Ok 1...2...3 JUMP!!!!!
As he jumps across the muddle puddle all his money comes flying out of this pocket and into the mud.
And I ( Brooke ) have the wonderful job of picking it all up lucky me.... such fun!
Weather of the week:
Here in England the weather has basically been all over the place. First it was windy then it was sunny then it was raining and then it tarted snowing!!!!! All in one week...... what a interesting mixture!!!!!!
So that's all for this week everyone. Now remember if you have a cool joke or funny story thats appropriat please comment on this blog. I didn't get any last week and it's really hard to think of this all by myself plus I'd really like to here what you guys have been up to. Or even what the weathers been like where you live ( has it been as random as Englands or randomer! ) To comment simply click on the icon that says 0 comments. It might not be 0 comments of you comment, please it would mean the world.
Well seeya next Saturday for another fun packed blog by Brooklyn108.

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Posted on 04:35PM on Feb 10th, 2013
Please, PLEASE comment this week to see your joke/funny story on next weeks blog. Or even weather of the week.
Posted on 12:05PM on Oct 1st, 2013
Brookes blogs are CLOSED. Please do not post a comment now, it's too late! :)
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